What's the Seech?

About Justin

Justin Seecharan is a twenty-three-year-old mass communications major with a concentration in broadcast news at University of Southern Florida. In Spring of 2022, Seecharan graduated with his associate degree from Hillsborough Community College. A change of jobs, schools, and long-term goals in the year 2022 presented many interesting challenges and changes for Seecharan. Seecharan’s priorities have changed since 2020 when the blog was started, however his drive, ambition, and love for writing has not. After a long hiatus in 2021, Seecharan had sought to re-approach his style of writing, and content. Still inquisitive, inspired, and insightful about the world, Seecharan aims to share his gained knowledge and wisdom with others. From his experiences to experiences shared with him by others. As 2022 progressed, Seecharan landed a position on the Multimedia section of The Oracle. At the end of 2022, Seecharan received a promotion to Multimedia Manager. Seecharan has declared a new era for his blog: one of experimentation, and exploration.

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