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The Shadow That Lingers

Over the past decade we have seen mental illness get de-stigmatized, and a focused effort on ensuring being healthy when it comes to your mental health. As someone who has struggled with the ebbs and flows of mental illness, I try to tackle the larger discussion on this.

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Calm In the Eye of the Storm

Imagine: a picture where a man is on the beach, walking away from an intense storm brewing in the background. You may think the calm is him, but little do you know: you are already in the storm.

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My Red Jacket

There are so many things people can use to hide their insecurities, or to cover themselves up. Mine was a red jacket.

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It Gives Me Deja Vu

When I drive past certain stores, parking lots, or parks I get déjà vu. I miss people who are no longer in my life. Some people think that is not normal, I think it is human.

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My first, genuine attempt to write a poem. Sometimes, I don’t know what to say. My therapist asked me if this was an homage or a letter to someone I used to know… It is both.

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Call Your Girlfriend

I have not seen many people talk openly about how cheating or being the ‘other person’ has affected them, emotionally and mentally. Here’s my experience with it.

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Time to Let Go

It has been a year since my childhood dog, Tizzy, passed away. While grieving and mourning suck, they pave the way for healthy reflection.

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about justin

Justin Seecharan is a twenty-three-year-old mass communications major with a concentration in broadcast news at University of Southern Florida. 

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